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What happened to goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Ciao cyberspace! This is going to be my first ever post of a book review. Today’s book:

sarah dessen

Book synopsis: This book essentially follows a girl called Mclean who’s moved to 4 different towns in just 2 years. In each place, she’s posed as a different person but for the first time, she wishes to be herself. Can she make peace with her her unhappy past and be true to herself?

My thoughts: The story’s start was a little hard to follow but it quickly got better. The whole restaurant setting was appealing and I was sucked into the story before I knew it.

The story was very enjoyable despite the predictable end. The writing was delightful and I love how Sara beautifully captured and put light on notable moments. What really stood out for me was how she gave significance to the little things we do in our daily routine, making the story more realistic.

The characters, without fail added energy to the plot. From Opal, her dad’s colleague to Mclean’s friends who are an adorable little group, each having something likable about their personality. Mclean’s relationship with her mom is also a major part of the story and I think Sara did a really job of portraying her feelings not only towards her mom, but the entire chaos that was keeping her life from becoming stable.

Lastly, the theme. Sarah tackled the main issue of this book on point- figuring out how you really are. Many teenagers can relate with the identity issues Mclean faced and watching her learn about herself as she gets involved in things, being no one but herself, was a promising journey.

All for today. Let me know if you’ve read this book or plan to. More from me soon, inshAllah!

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15 thoughts on “What happened to goodbye by Sarah Dessen

  1. This was my first Sarah Dessen book too! I’d heard a lot about her books and that they were all fairly formulaic. They may very well be that, but I really enjoyed this one! It was easy and overall an enjoyable read. Perfect for summer:)

    Thanks for the like!

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  2. Yay! Happy to hear you enjoyed What Happened to Goodbye! Sarah Dessen is one of my favourite authors, her characters and storylines are always realistic and even though at times predictable I find I can always relate to something :). You should try Just Listen, This Lullaby, and The Truth About Forever :D.


  3. I’ve never read a Sarah Dessen book before, but I’ve read the summary for Saint Anything and added it to my TBR! I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about her writing and its good to know that she can be a bit predictable (so I can be prepared)! 🙂

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  4. This is my first Sarah Dessen book and you’re right it was kind of predictable but you can’t stop reading. Though this book didn’t really hook me on reading more of her books, I still have hope with her other books like The Truth about Forever and This Lullaby which people say are her best works!


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