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Dementia ๐ŸŒน

Several years ago, my uncle held a party at his house to which a lot of relatives came. The guest that especially stands out in my memory of the event is an old lady, who was accompanied by her daughter. As I listened to the adults conversing, I learnt that the mother was a victim of dementia. Her daughter was talking about how she remembered barely anything, and after a while said, โ€˜I tell her that along with the others, one day, Iโ€™ll vanish away from her memory too.โ€™ How naรฏve I was at the time, for I comprehended her sad smile as one for a joke, and found it funny.

This recollection of this incident was reawakened when I read Still Aliceย a while ago, which is the journey of a woman with Alzheimerโ€™s. Reading this book has made me realize how much there truly is behind everything. It was only the mother who had the disease, but it was her entire family who suffered. The pain to watch the person you love forget who you are cannot be understood by anyone but those who go through it.

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