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Unpackaging books πŸ“š

When you take numerous shots of your books, but you’re still not content with any of them.Β 


Assalam u Aliekum (Peace be unto you), and ciao cyberspace! ARE YOU READY FOR 2016? Let’s all make sure we make progress to our goals, no matter how big or little they may be. Ameen πŸ’›

So a while back, I won a giveaway hosted by Sarena and Saha Nanua. ItΒ being the first giveaway I’d ever won, I was naturally thrilled, and decided to share the books I got with all of you.

blog bk 3


1-Β Madly by Amy Alward

blog bk 4

I don’t want to talk much about this book in this post as I have planned a book review for it, but I will say that it’s a cute, fantasy read. Not particularly outstanding, but qualifies what I would call a decent read.


2-Β MINRS by Kevin Sylvester


After their space colony is attacked, Christopher and his friends must come up with a plan to defend their selves in order to remain alive. Not being a huge sci-fi fan, I’m hesitant to read it, but probably will eventually anyway. :p


3-Β The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands

the blackthorn

At the time of writing this post, I’m half way through the book, and I’m glad to say that I’ve enjoyed this so far. This is a middle grade mystery story, which follows an apprentice called Christopher (would you look at that! Both Kevins writing about Christophers). He enjoys working in his Master’s shop until one day, murders start occurring near them, acting as a threat to both them and their shop. As the situation worsens, Christopher realizes he may be the only one who knows something significant about the murderers.

The best thing about this book is that it HAS APOTHECARIES AND POTIONS AND MEDICINES. Fun stuff.


Along with the books, I also received these:


In case you’re wondering, these are from Sarena and Sasha’s own books. Go check them out!Β πŸ™‚


Thanks a lot to The Writing Duo for the prizes; I loved all of them!

And thank YOU for reading!Β πŸ’– I hope all of you had a wonderful year, and have an even better one in 2016, inshAllah (if God wills).

Stay fantastic folks,




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