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What I’m currently reading

Picture from Goodreads

POEMS THAT DON’T REQUIRE 2 HOURS TO BE ANALYZED. Review coming up next week, inshAllah! Read an excerpt from this book. Thank you the author for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of my opinions 🙂

And what type of reader would I be if I hadn’t already planned my next read?


Saw it in my library, and I had to pick it up. That beautiful cover.





Aspire to inspire. Proud: Muslim ☺ I Chocolate and book lover ♥ I Potterhead ☻

8 thoughts on “What I’m currently reading

      1. Hi. Review request has been emailed. If the novel is a little heavy for your reading interests, please consider posting a spotlight or an author interview. Author proceeds have been donated to child abuse prevention and there is no peace in a world of victimization. Thanks


  1. I would love for you to read/review my book: The Rise of the Relique. It’s like “The Lord of the Rings/ The Pirates of the Caribbean/ Underworld.” However, the genre and age group leans more toward teen/young adult (I’m aware you don’t prefer adult which is understandable). There’s a video of me reading the first ten minutes on youtube here:

    I hope you enjoy it!
    It’s also available on Amazon

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