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Sanyare: The Last Descendant

The temptation to eat them cupcakes.

Sanyare: The Last Descendant  by Megan Haskell  | Book review #8

 Rie Lhethannien is an elite fighter, raised and trained in a realm that treats humans no better than dirt. When attacked by assassins from an enemy realm on a routine delivery, Rie is framed  as a betrayer. To prove this wrong to her merciless king, she must undertake a journey to the enemy realm, where dangers lie and secrets are kept, and find out the real reason behind the attack.

   Okay, this is irrelevant to the book content, but I’m not a huge fan of this book’s cover. Not many people are, of ones with human faces on them. Come on, I mean, the main character is an ASSASSIN. Give us some likewise illustrations. Some hint about the action in the story. Something..more appealing. But we are not here to chat about the book cover (which I would willingly do for at least a couple more paragraphs). Let the book reviewing begin.

*puts critiquing cap on*

  I didn’t finish this book. I fell into a terribly long reading slump, consequences of which I’m still paying for (in regards to my reading challenge). That being said, please don’t cross this of your potential tbr list because this work of Megan’s could be much more interesting to you than it was to me. There’s a good chance you’ll end up liking it if you’re a fan of the Throne of Glass series because it carries some similar concepts.

So, why Aya, pray tell, did you not finish this book?

Numbah one. The names used in this book. I was iffy about them the whole time.  I get that this is a YA fantasy, and while I appreciate new names, the selection for this particular book was a bother to remember. Braegan’s fine. Rie’s fine. But Curuthannor? Lhéwen? Grmelda? Faerleithril? Faernodir? I felt like there were random letters added in/taken out, in an attempt to make them more unique.

Another thing I wasn’t crazy about were the descriptions used in the book. Call me unexceptionally picky, but some of the word choices seemed unnatural. There are some things that are better left unchanged, such as the following extracts:

‘Chocolate colored iris’

‘..Rie pulled the salty stink of fish deep into her lungs..’

 Eye instead of iris and inhaled rather than pulled, would have worked just as well, if not better. And it wasn’t just the choice of words that seemed forced. Some scenes in the book didn’t flow as smoothly as I would have liked them to be. Actions of the characters also seemed unlike them at times, and all for all, this was one jerky, mental movie playing in my head.

   But of course, there were good things too. The characters were likable. Rie, like most heroines, was loyal and strong. An observant girl, that one, but not unusually outstanding. She was almost always accompanied by her pixie friends; a cute addition to the book (#sorrynotsorry for using the c word in a book with assassins in it). They had their own language and were always up to mischief. The writing was mostly great too, especially considering that the writer is new.

‘She took a cleansing breath, washed away the fear and replaced it with determination.’

‘Rie sat back down on the bed, placing her hands carefully in her lap and schooling her face to its most neutral expression.’

And a final teaser for y’all:

“I know a guy who can help with that.” Braegan grinned, a wicked light glinting in his eyes. “Tomorrow, you’re mine.”


So yes, I didn’t enjoy this book a whole lot, but it is something you should still consider picking up. I’m not just saying that because Megan was super nice to me, but because I think the book truly deserves a chance.

And that, peeps, concludes my review. *removes critiquing cap*


📌  A huge thank you to Megan, for providing me a free copy of her book in exchange of an honest review. This book is a result of her hard work and I was honoured to be chosen to review it.

📌 Also, don’t forget to check my Introduction page for a special discount code on yureka books!

Assalamu Alaikum (may peace and blessings be upon you).

Stay fantastic folks,




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6 thoughts on “Sanyare: The Last Descendant

  1. You gotta love the YA Fantasy genre with the knack the authors have for coming up with these fantasically mythical names haha. This books does indeed sound like the Throne of Glass series which I had a lot of the same issues with, it still turned out to be a good read but I feel your pain on these issues!

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