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So good, that I had to email the writer at one am.


AssalamuAlaikum (peace be unto you), and ciao cyberspace! To all Muslims, EID MUBARAK. (: Hope you all had a wonderful one and have a great rest of the Summer, inshAllah (if God wills).

ALSO, TODAY MARKS ONE YEAR SINCE I CREATED THIS BLOG! Thank you all so much for everything. I am just 8 friends away from 500, and I’d be even more grateful to you all if you could help me reach that goal today.

 Anyways, I’m back after a 2 week break, and ready to talk about a book. Out of all the ones thatI have been sent for review purposes, this book, is one of my favorites. Partly because of the matte cover, and partly because of the content. Don’t expect all praise, though. Let’s begin.

*To avoid spoilers, I have attempted to match the style of my review to that of the briefness of Isle’s blurb.


Isle by Jes Dory | Book review #10 

Goodreads | Amazon

  Isle, a story told to us by Eleanora Stone or Nora, highlights three themes- torture, betrayal, and family. She and her aunt are constantly relocating, and have never settled down anywhere for long. As Nora’s eighteenth birthday approaches, the two of them move to a withdrawn island. Hoping to finally call this place her home, Nora is terrified when nothing, from her house to the local crowd, are anything near normal.

   Like with my experience with many other books, I struggled to connect with the main character. Her reactions to abnormal occurrences didn’t last very long, which seemed unrealistic. At one point in the book, she made a rash decision about those events, and was then scared of its consequences. To other characters however, she was pretty much perfect, for having this and that ability. Everyone either admired her, envied her, or both.

  I also had some trouble locating the pattern of how a person was granted powers. Seemed to me as if the characters had been just given a bunch of random abilities, not relating to the plot. A connection to the history of the book, which by the way, was quite entertaining, would have been nice.

  There were scenes I found to be more dramatic than necessary, and at some parts, my attention wandered away. Here and there, I spotted  a minor grammar mistakes, and a small plot hole. Despite these defects, however, the book was both, easily readable and enjoyable.  The many, but beautiful descriptions were a success in pulling me in. On top of that, the last fraction of the book had enough to make up for the flaws, and my reaction to it was an email to the author at 1:11 AM.

isle ss.png


One last thing; I’d like to see this made into a good film. Thanks in advance, and meet you at the premiere,


*Thanks so much to Jes Dory for the book. I await the second installment in the series, with much excitement. 

[P.S. No post next week. I have family staying over! But I might post on my Bookstagram, which you can check out here :)]



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