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Winter Night Reading and Kindness


My companions on this Winter night:

📖 Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.

🍫 Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut wafers.

Join me for a chat💕 Here, or on my bookstagram

Really quick, I would also like to share a cause that my sister and I came up with a not too long ago. We have started to make care packages for those that are hospitalized, grieving, depressed, or inflicted with any kind of sadness or anxiety. There is no age restriction yet- we are open to giving to anyone, from babies to adults. Please feel free to check out our Instagram page. And we would absolutely love if you could donate to us here, or share it with someone who you know would like to donate to us. 

AssalamuAlaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu (Arabic to English translation: Peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you).

Take care of your lovely selves! Ciao cyberspace,




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Blogging twice a month | Coffee chat

Over a cup of coffee  | Episode #1

My interest in blogging is fading away, yet, I can’t seem to quit this blog. Thus, the following solution has been produced- bookloverbabbles, starting in a month or two inshAllah (if God wills), will publish only twice a month.

I’ve seen bloggers who post daily. I’ve seen bloggers who disappear without a warning. Like the former person, I want to make commitments that I can keep.

I have decided on a couple of features for those blog posts, which are not reviews, but still book related. As time goes on and I finish my list of books and products to review, I shall introduce them on here. Maybe I’ll review once in a while, but I definitely plan to minimize them.

Being unsure of how my fellow bloggers would percieve of this, I invited Olivia from rainbowofbooks, to give me insight on my decision. And give me company with my coffee, of course.

*Blb= bookloverbabbles

Blb- Can I get you something to drink?


Olivia- Thank you so much for having me, Aya. I’m fine with a glass of water, thank you. It’s good to see that you’re not giving up on your blog. 

Blb- Of course! Water it is. And yes, it took me a while, but I think this decision suits me best. Have you ever thought of quitting your blog?
Olivia- Hmm… I’ve never thought about quitting but that’s just me speaking as a relatively new blogger.This is only my seventh month of blogging so I’ll say that I’m rather enjoying blogging at the moment.
 Blb- Hey, that’s really great! Honestly, it hasn’t been long, since I started one either. I wish I could stick to blogging and love writing the way I did, but that seems difficult right now. 
Olivia- I think the reason I stuck to blogging is because I finally had something I wanted to write about and share it with others. I love blogging about books because it makes me actually digest the books I read and I am able to state my opinions about them. Perhaps if you found what your original plan was when you started your blog, you might continue blogging even though if it’s just a few times a month. That is, of course as long as it doesn’t get into the way of your life. 😊
Blb- Use my initial motivation as encouragement- that makes a lot of sense. I may have to come to you again in the future, for advice, and for books talks, of course. Speaking of which, do you have a Coffee Table Recommendation for us? 
Olivia- Sure! I’ll be glad to be of any help! I think the only recommendation that comes to mind is Cecilia Ahern’s How to Fall in Love. But that’s because I’ve just started reading it and I think that it’s lovely.
Blb- And my tbr list keeps growing. *glances at my now empty cup* Shall we carry out our conversation in the kitchen? I was thinking that we could try a new recipe on Choc Chip Banana Bread, that I found yesterday on madeleinetriggsblog. It looks too good to not try out.
Olivia- Ooh! It looks delicious! What is it?
Blb- Chocolate Chip Banana Bread :3 So, what say? Shall we attempt at it? 
Olivia- Sure!
Blb- Alright then, I’ll get the ingredients. Thanks to anyone who popped in to listen to our conversation! (: 
By madelinetriggsblog. Ours is under process 😉
yum 2

 Thanks so much, Olivia, for accepting my last minute invitation and being such lovely company. As for you all, I hope that you enjoyed our little chat, and can give feedback on my decision.
Stay fantastic,
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So good, that I had to email the writer at one am.


AssalamuAlaikum (peace be unto you), and ciao cyberspace! To all Muslims, EID MUBARAK. (: Hope you all had a wonderful one and have a great rest of the Summer, inshAllah (if God wills).

ALSO, TODAY MARKS ONE YEAR SINCE I CREATED THIS BLOG! Thank you all so much for everything. I am just 8 friends away from 500, and I’d be even more grateful to you all if you could help me reach that goal today.

 Anyways, I’m back after a 2 week break, and ready to talk about a book. Out of all the ones thatI have been sent for review purposes, this book, is one of my favorites. Partly because of the matte cover, and partly because of the content. Don’t expect all praise, though. Let’s begin.

*To avoid spoilers, I have attempted to match the style of my review to that of the briefness of Isle’s blurb.


Isle by Jes Dory | Book review #10 

Goodreads | Amazon

  Isle, a story told to us by Eleanora Stone or Nora, highlights three themes- torture, betrayal, and family. She and her aunt are constantly relocating, and have never settled down anywhere for long. As Nora’s eighteenth birthday approaches, the two of them move to a withdrawn island. Hoping to finally call this place her home, Nora is terrified when nothing, from her house to the local crowd, are anything near normal.

   Like with my experience with many other books, I struggled to connect with the main character. Her reactions to abnormal occurrences didn’t last very long, which seemed unrealistic. At one point in the book, she made a rash decision about those events, and was then scared of its consequences. To other characters however, she was pretty much perfect, for having this and that ability. Everyone either admired her, envied her, or both.

  I also had some trouble locating the pattern of how a person was granted powers. Seemed to me as if the characters had been just given a bunch of random abilities, not relating to the plot. A connection to the history of the book, which by the way, was quite entertaining, would have been nice.

  There were scenes I found to be more dramatic than necessary, and at some parts, my attention wandered away. Here and there, I spotted  a minor grammar mistakes, and a small plot hole. Despite these defects, however, the book was both, easily readable and enjoyable.  The many, but beautiful descriptions were a success in pulling me in. On top of that, the last fraction of the book had enough to make up for the flaws, and my reaction to it was an email to the author at 1:11 AM.

isle ss.png


One last thing; I’d like to see this made into a good film. Thanks in advance, and meet you at the premiere,


*Thanks so much to Jes Dory for the book. I await the second installment in the series, with much excitement. 

[P.S. No post next week. I have family staying over! But I might post on my Bookstagram, which you can check out here :)]

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E v e r y d a y 🎶 P o e t r y

Book review #6

Ciao cyberspace, and Assalam u Aliekum! Hope you’re all doing well 🙂

I had been doing so well with my blogging, but this week my performance did not live up to the mark. In my defense, I’m only a day late. It’s cool, right? :DDDD Kthnxbye.


*The text in bold explains what the book is about.

This book is divided into several chapters, each one taking down a particular category. Along with an introduction to each chapter, we are given a brief description prior to each poem about it which I thought was a nice addition, as it introduced to us what we were going to be met with in the upcoming sentences.

We are taken along through some very significant aspects in life, from Academics to Social Life to Holidays And Greeting Cards. All the poems in this book are based on routinely activities and daily challenges, providing something relatable for almost all teenagers and adults, no matter what stage in life they may be in. Having said that, this is a very easy read with the poems requiring no deep analysis to be understood, and can be easily enjoyed as a coffee table read.

I found this book to be quite amusing, as this was unique take on poems. However, at times, I felt like some words had been put in there just to make the sentences rhyme. For example, these closing sentences from a poem called the Letter of Resignation:


I’m not the first to leave,

And I won’t be the last.’

The poem was fun to read, but I would have been more pleased with a stronger ending than this. Verses like these resulted in me liking some poems better than others in terms of creativity.

Though being a unique idea, this book does not have anything extremely outstanding to offer beside its ability to relate. Some people may find it a bit dry for their taste, but others may enjoy it immensely. Personally, I’m glad I got the opportunity to read this, as most of these poems have been cleverly written.



*Picture by Amazon

📌 Thank you to the author, Madeline Lee, for providing me a pdf of this book to review. Please note that this exchange has no impact on what I put up on here, and all of what I said was solely based on my opinion.

Feel free to check the following links if interested:

More About Her Book

The Book on Goodreads

The Book on Amazon

Also, this is off topic, but I want to congratulate Satis on his new book which is releasing next month. I would love it if any of you stopped by his blog (:

THANKS FOR READING! Stay fantastic folks.






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The Martian by Andy Weir

Ciao cyberspace, and Assalam u Aliekum! 😀 I apologize for being a little late in posting this review, but school’s been keeping me pretty busy. Anyhow, here goes:

Book synopsis:

When a terrific dust storm hits the surface of Mars, a crew of astronauts are forced to retreat and set their journey back to Earth. What they don’t realize is that they’re also abandoning a member of their crew alone; botanist and engineer, Mark Watney. With no means of communication and a limited amount of food, Mark has no option but to survive this bizarre situation with two of his most powerful tools- resourcefulness and determination.

The Martian is one of the most interesting books I’ve read this year- in terms of the plot, the setting, the characters and even the writing. But although it was a pretty clever book, I did have some problems finishing it.

You could learn a lot about Science and how certain things work by reading this book; which is pretty neat but sadly, that’s what threw me off. It soon got difficult to pay attention to Mark’s continuous attempts to fix things. Also, at times it was transparent that the characters were created by a person rather than being real. Something about their personalities and style lacked depth which makes me think that the author failed to give as much importance to the characters as he should have.

Those flaws aside, the book had plenty of great qualities. Despite being unbaked, I did like the characters who though being nerds, were pretty epic. I had a great time reading their tense yet funny conversations and of course, Mark’s prose. He is a terrific protagonist and his voice was remarkable throughout the book. It was fun to see his ideas and theories and equally fun to watch him implement on them. He never gave up, kept coming up with solution after solution and you can’t help but admire a person like that. Even in the most difficult situations his bubbling personality wasn’t effected, which was a relief because he was a joy to have around.

Everyone had to take a lot of risks in this story but the way they dealt with the situations was astounding and I was very impressed, plus a little ashamed for thinking to give up on little things when the characters here barely flinched at extreme situations.

This book also had a very delicate side; one that took me by surprise me. There is a lot of emotional involvement in the book- from decisions taken to stay alive, to playing with the lives of others to help another. The emotional conversations in the book made me realize how much there really is in being an astronaut and increased my respect for them.

The last couple of pages were pretty intense, giving us readers one last taste of a fun ride. I am certainly glad to have read this book and would highly recommend it to any lover of science fiction who has not yet read The Martian.

📌 FTC disclaimer: Thanks to Blogging For Books for providing me a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

About the Author

The Martian @ Penguin Random House

The Martian @ Goodreads

Thank you for reading; I hope you’ll come by again! ❤

Stay fantastic folks,


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You are fantastic. ✨

Just a small reminder.

To everyone reading this,

stay strong. Even though it may not seem like it right now, all the hardships that you are enduring will end, inshAllah. You will get what you deserve; just a little more patience is required. And if you feel like you can’t take it anymore, fake it till you make it.

Stay fantastic folks.


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The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation by Satis 📘

Book review #3

Ciao cyberspace, and happy September! 🙂 How’s life treating you all?

I was a little skeptical when writing this review, since I haven’t even finished the book at this point of time. But I do think it’s right to post this as I’m positive that my feelings for the book won’t change. Here goes!

Book synopsis:

This story essentially follows a young orphan named Brandyè, who we watch be raised up by his grandfather. Disliked and mistaken by his fellow citizens, Brandyè spends most of his time with his few loved ones, and commits himself to discovering the truth behind his grandfather’s impressive tales and the fallen world of Erâth- a place overrun by dark forces.

The world building was impressive, and the story was very well written. Even then, I couldn’t bring myself to finish this book because of lack in interest. There are a few reasons which resulted in this, the first one being the numerous descriptions; which though beautifully written, made me wish were minimal in number.  Another thing that I disliked about this book would be the lack of excitement provided. There are more tales in this book than actual action, when really, the latter is what triggers thrill for most readers.

However, there are still plenty of great things about this book which brought pleasure when read. The concepts, the fascinating history, and of course the organization of the book were all wonderful. And I absolutely must contribute something to the characters- my favorite thing about the story. It wasn’t just the main characters who made the story delightful, but even the secondary characters had a little something to contribute which I liked. I enjoyed reading the ideas Brandyè’s grandfather taught him, which he clearly respected. But even though his respect for his grandfather does not falter, Brandyè’s ideas begin to contradict his, which clearly show that his thoughts are developing as he grows older.

Although this book fell short of an engaging plot, it still had a lot of positive points and am glad to have read this. I do wish to finish this book, and continue with the series, as Satis’s writing style is one of many.

The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation

📌 Many thanks to Satis for providing me a copy of this book in return of an honest review. All the best on writing, and everything else!

Until next time,


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September TBR 🔖

Ciao cyberspace! Apologies for not having a post up last Sunday, but school’s keeping me quite busy. Nevertheless, I plan to get some reading done this month, and thought I’d share my very first (monthly) tbr!

Fahrenheit 451: The Authorized Adaption

by Tim Hamilton, Ray Bradbury.


My first ever graphic novel! Although I was super excited to find this in the library, I’m skeptical if this was a good choice for a newbie to graphic novellas. Oh well; there’s no going back now.

The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian

My first ever paperback copy to review! One can only imagine my excitement of getting this in the mail. Made my day.

The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation by Satis


Also sent to me for review purposes. About halfway done with it! Hope to finish it soon.

📌 I know 3 is not a big number, but I wanted to set a goal that I could reach, while being able to get my schoolwork and other things done.

Happy reading 🙂